Completed Airport Projects

    J.A.McDonald, Inc. has completed several projects at the State Airport in Rutland Vt. The first project included the extension and reconstruction of runway 11- 31, while the second project included the extension and reconstruction of runway 1 - 19.

The Runway 11 - 31 project consisted of removing the existing asphalt pavement, processing the material to a two inch minus material, and reusing this material as the base pavement layer. Once the pavement was removed, the existing runway was excavated to a depth of three feet below sub-grade, new under-drain piping was installed on both sides of the excavated area, and granular material and P-209 material were placed and compacted to 100% modified proctor to form the new base for the recycled asphalt material to be place on. Once the recycled asphalt was placed and compacted, three inches of new asphalt material was placed to provide a new runway surface.

Additional aspects of this project included the installation of 10,000 plus linear feet of electrical conduit required for the installation of a new runway lighting system as well as the installation of a new PAPI system for improved flight approach control and safety.

The major challenges for this project were the maintenance of air traffic on runway 1 - 19, during the duration of this project, and the expedited project schedule mandated by the 90 day completion time, from the date of runway closure to the date of opening the newly reconstructed runway, complete with new - operational runway lights and new - operational PAPI system.

The second project, reconstruction of Runway 1 - 19, was very similar in scope of work to the the reconstruction performed on Runway 11- 31, with the following exceptions; extensive ledge removal was encountered and this project also involved the construction/reconstruction of a taxiway. The excavated ledge material was processed on site to produce the P-209 base material, new runway lights and a new approach landing system were all part of the scope of this project, all completed on an expedited schedule.

The most recent project performed at the Rutland State Airport involved the upgrading and reconstruction of the Airport access road, complete with a new turning lane off of VT Rte. 103. This project had an accelerated 75 day, mandated contract schedule, that was challenging, but that was also complied with.

J.A. McDonald, Inc. has also performed similar Airport Projects at Newport VT State Airport, where Runway 18 - 36 was reconstructed and at the Lebanon NH Airport, where runway 7 - 25 was extended and reconstructed. 



Airport Projects Completed

  • State Airport Project, Rutland, VT Extend and Reconstruct Runway 11-31
  • State Airport Project, Rutland, VT Extend and Reconstruct Runway 11-9
  • State Airport Project, Newport, VT, Extend and Reconstruct Runway 18-36
  • Airport Project, Lebanon, NH, Extend and Reconstruct Runway 7-25



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