Completed Highway/Bridge Projects

The Bennington By-Pass Project, known as VT Route 279, is the Route 7, North/South, and Route 9, East/West, by-pass of downtown Bennington VT. There were four projects that comprised the northeast quadrant of this by-pass. J.A.McDonald, Inc. constructed two of the four projects, known as the Bennington AC NH 091-1(53) and (54) projects.

The Bennington (53) project was completed August 15, 2010, at a contract value of $21,779.60 and the Bennington (54) was completed August 15, 2012 at a contract value of 18,095.40.

The work performed on these projects included major earth and rock excavation, drainage, subbase and pavement, construction of two new bridges and rehabilitation of three other bridges.

The (53) project included a 470 ft. multi-span bridge over Furnace Brook and a 253 ft muti-span bridge on East Road over VT Rte 279. The Furnace Brook Bridge had a center pier that was 90ft high from the bottom

of the footing to top of the pier cap. The structural steel for this bridge was curved and had a web height in excess of 9ft, making this steel the deepest webbed steel currently utilized on any bridge structure in the State of Vermont.

Major items of Work Performed:

Earth Excavation = 565,000cy; Solid Rock Excavation = 185,250cy; Sub base Materials = 66,820cy; Drainage and Utility Installations = 19,632 lf; Concrete = 4070cy; Reinforcing Steel = 703,707 lbs; Structural Steel = 2,316,483 lbs.

The (54) Project consisted of reconstructing the northerly clover-leaf intersection of Vt. Rte. 279. This project consisted of On-Ramps, Off-Ramps , and Slip-Ramps. The Ramps are alphabetized from 'A' to 'R', yes there were a total of 18 Ramps on this project. Maintaining Traffic with a well implemented Traffic Control Plan was peri-mount. Three bridges were also rehabilitated, complete with painting of structural steel.



Project Highlights

 1. JAM presented a Value Engineering proposal for solid rock excavation at the Exit 2 location that was accepted by VTrans - this VE proposal represented a 20% cost savings on the solid rock excavation item.

2. JAM presented a VE proposal for the reinforced earth wall at abutment #!, of the Furnace Brook Bridge that was accepted by VTrans. This represented a 10% cost savings on the construction of abutment #1.

3. JAM achieved substantial completion one year in advance of final completion on the (53) project.

In recognition of its achievements on the (53) project, JAM was awarded the "2009 AGC of VT Best Builders Award For Outstanding Quality of Work and Effort" - New Construction




US Rte. 7 New Relocation Manchester VT

The largest clear span corrugated, galvanized, metal plate structure east of the Mississippi River measures 42 feet and o­ne and o­ne-half inches across, which is a large half circle. The Manchester "Super 7" Project had eight main structures including three bridges, four box culverts, o­ne arch structure; all major projects of their own. This project needed maximum expertise to complete. Dynamic Compaction, a unique process of increasing density to specified areas underlying embankments, was used in some areas o­n this project.

Moving 1.2 million cubic yards of excavation along with removal of 200,000 cubic yards of rock and erection of 700,000 pounds of structural steel bring quality workmanship to the reckoning point. Again J.A. McDonald, Inc. built success.


US Rte 7 Reconstruction South Burlington VT

The 50,000 vehicles per day make the Southern Connector Project the center of J.A.McDonald, Inc.'s capabilities and reputation. Constructing the new interchange of Route-7 and I-189 was an eight phase, two-year project. First, half of a million cubic yards of excavation were moved, then finished with 30,000 tons of pavement. Equipment, knowledgeable workforce and experience make a project of this size achievable. The commitment involved Sundays and nights because success with minimum disruption was the goal to be achieved.

This project again, was a J.A. McDonald, Inc. success heralded by local media, town and state personnel. The project included, from start to completion, all peripheral needs: sidewalks, bike path, utilities, traffic light, landscaping, and a major seven lane, two-span bridge - a job well done. The Southern Connector not o­nly reduced the heavy traffic burden substantially but also allowed for minimal disruption. These factors make this two-year Southern Connector project a valued o­ne for reference of J.A. McDonald, Inc.

Bridge and Highway Projects Completed:

  • Interstate 89 Rehabilitation, St. Albans, VT
  • Mill Hill Roadway, Northfield, VT
  • Route 9 Roadway Reconstruction, Marlboro, VT
  • Manchester-Dorset , VT Rte. 7 Road/Bridges (Stage 1)
  • Manchester-Dorset , VT Rte. 7 Road/Bridges (Stage 2)
  • Toll Bridge Rehabilitation, Charlestown, NH
  • NH I-93 Safety Project, Lincoln-Franconia , NH
  • Chittenden County. I-89 Circ. Highway, Essex, VT
  • Springfield VTAOT I-89 Safety Project, Springfield, VT
  • VTAOT Rte. 100 Bridge, Moretown, VT
  • Rte. 7 Bridge Project, Wallingford, VT
  • I-91 Bridge Rehabilitation, Hartland, VT
  • Husky Rowe Road Improvements, Milton, VT
  • Rte. 302 Reconstruction, Carroll-Bethlehem, NH
  • Rte. 7 Bridge Project, Shelburne, VT
  • Bennington Bypass Phase 3 Construction
  • Guilford Bridge Project



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