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St. Johnsbury, VT - Westside Infrastucture

The St. Johnsbury, VT -  Westside Infrastructure Project - consists of the reconstruction of 1.5 miles of roadway to include new sewer mains and services, new water mains and services, as well as a new storm drainage system. The total linear footage of new pipework to be installed exceeds 36,000 LF.

One of the many challenges of this project involves the installation of a Temporary Water System to maintain service to approximately 125 residential and commercial entities while the old water mains are removed and new water mains installed. Like wise temporary by-pass pumping will be utilized to maintain sewer and stormwater flows during the replacement of sewer and stormwater systems.

Upon completion of the new water, sewer, storm systems, the 1.5 miles of roadway will be reconstructed including installation of stabilization fabric, subbase gravels, pavement and pavement markings. 11,200 linear feet of granite curbing and 40,000 sf of concrete sidewalk will be installed prior to the restoration of lawns, drives and all associated work items.

This project is currently ahead of schedule with an anticipated completion date scheduled for September 2014.





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