Completed Renewable Energy Projects

Wind Projects

J.A.McDonald Inc. was involved early, in the design phase of the Kingdom Community Wind Project, to lend expertise in the civil design phase of the project. Through project optimization of cuts and fills J.A.
McDonald was able to reduce the volume of excavation by 25% and total disturbed area by 20%. Executing the optimized design, J.A. McDonald was able to successfully complete the work while accelerating the civil schedule by seven weeks.The Kingdom Community Wind Project had  priority emphasis on environmental protection and safety, requiring extensive erosion control and job hazard planning and execution. The J.A. McDonald Inc. Team produced exceptional results. 
In  recognition of all its efforts, J.A. McDonald Inc. was awarded the 2012 "Green Best Builders Award" by the Associated General Contractors Of Vermont, for outstanding quality of work and effort in New Heavy Industrial Construction. Follow the link below to Vermont Business Magazine's Article for additional information regarding this award.    

Wind Projects Completed  

  • Kingdom Community Wind, Lowell Vermont - Civil Site-work for 21 Turbines, 63 MW
  • Georgia Mountain Community Wind, Georgia Vermont - Civil Site-work for 4 Turbines, 10 MW
  • Sheffield Wind, Sheffield Vermont - Substation Site-work, Bridges,

There have been three Industrial Wind Projects constructed in Vermont to date. J.A.McDonald, Inc has participated in all three projects. If you have an Industrial Wind Project, let the JAM, Inc. Team assist you in optimizing the design, accelerating the schedule, meeting or exceeding all environmental requirements while maintaining a safe and secure work site.



Hydro Generation Projects

 J.A.McDonald, Inc. performed the Glen Hydro, Design / Build, Hydro- Generation project that included the reconstruction of a gravity concrete dam, post tension rock anchors, modern pneumatic operated flashboards, trash racks, gates and 4,000 feet of eight foot diameter penstock which was encased in concrete at one location as it crossed the Mascoma River. Three 140 WTFS turbine-generators, butterfly valves, and switch gear were installed in a new, esthetically designed powerhouse that blended with the surrounding landscape. Electrical and mechanical controls, switching, interconnect, and project function equipment completed this turn-key project.

J.A.McDonald, Inc. welcomes projects that are functionally needed such as power generation systems. Timely performance, within budget, and their ability to supply design and design review services made the Glen Hydro Project another one of J.A.McDonald, Inc.'s successful projects.


Hydro Projects Completed

  • Dam Improvements to Thermon Dix Resevoir, Barre, VT
  • GMP Essex 18 Site, Rebuild Intake Structure, Essex, VT
  • GMP Essex 19 Site, Install Inflatable Flashboard and New Fishway Passage, Essex, VT
  • GMP Marshfield Dam Site, Construct new Spillway Structure, Marshfield, VT
  • GMP Bolton Site, Install Inflatable Flashboard, Bolton, VT
  • CVPS Pierce Mills Site, Penstock Replacement and Intake Refurbishment, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • CVPS Penstock Replacement, Rurland, VT
  • USACE Townshend Lake Dam, Modify Outlet Structure, Townshend, VT
  • Glen Hydro, Rebuild Dam Structure, New Penstock, New Powerhouse, West Lebonon, NH
  • Ottauquechee Woolen Mill Project, Rebuild Intake Structure, Modify Tailrace, Add New Turbine, North Hartland, VT
  • Great Brook Hydro Project, Penstock Instalation, Barnet, VT
  • Newbury Hydro Project, Rebuild Intake and Modify Tailrace, Wells River, VT
  • Great Bay Hydro, Remove Old and Construct New Concrete Gravity Dam, Morgan, VT
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