J.A.McDonald, Inc. has performed construction services covering many different disciplines over the last four decades. Airport Runway Construction and 

Reconstruction Projects require a skill-set that is mindful of air traffic control and all the safety requirements involved with maintaining an active airport flight schedule, while at the same time constructing or reconstructing an active runway, taxiway, terminal apron, or airport access roadway. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) mandates strict conformance with all FAA rules and regulations throughout the construction process. Examples of these regulations are; all employees working on the project are background checked and are given a photo ID that must be visible for entrance to the work area, points of ingress and egress are mandated and controlled by airport personnel, all contract management personnel are required to have a communication device that maintains communication with the airport authorities and or flight control personnel, all equipment working on site must be fitted with a flag that clearly identifies there location at all times. Specialized barriers, fencing, channelizing devises, are utilized to maintain separation and safety between the construction area and any active airport facility. Control of any airborne debris is paramount, this debris can be in the form of a dust cloud, a fleeing paper bag, or some larger object that had not been properly secured within the project limits or area of project influence.

As you can visualize, Airport Construction Projects can be very demanding and challenging. Demands and challenges of this nature are what JAM excels at. JAM has  qualified personal, with airport construction experience, that have the ability to meet all the demands of any challenging Airport Project, and complete the project Safely, on Schedule, and on Budget. Below are listed Airport Projects that JAM has completed, view Completed Projects - Airports for additional details.

Airport Projects Completed

  • State Airport Project, Rutland, VT Extend and Reconstruct Runway 11-31
  • State Airport ProPect, Rutland, VT Extend and Reconstruct Runway 11-9
  • State Airport Project, Newport, VT, Extend and Reconstruct Runway 36-18
  • Airport Project, Lebanon, NH, Extend and Reconstruct Runway 7-25
  • State Airport Project, Rutland, VT, Construction of New Access Road and Turning Lane On Rte. 103


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