J.A.McDonald, Inc. at inception was conceived as a Highway and Bridge construction company. The very first project was a highway project on US Rte. 302 in Orange VT. The second project was a bridge project located in the Town of Charlestown VT. From the beginning, JAM has developed the expertise and resources that has allowed the Company to excel in the field of Highway and Bridge Construction.

J.A.McDonald, Inc. has the capacity to handle all facets of a project, whether it is large or small, complex or straight forward, JAM has the resources to manage a project from the design of a complex, multiphase traffic control plan, to storm water management teams, to excavation, drainage, water, sewer, underground utility crews. Each defined crew performs a very highly skilled and carefully coordinated execution of their respective phase of the project to produce a seamless, quality, end product with minimum disturbance of the traveling public, both vehicular and pedestrian. Communicating and working with all adjoining landowners is made a priority on all JAM projects.

J.A.McDonald, Inc. prides itself in the ability to aggressively execute complex projects, and complete them ahead of schedule and on or below budget. JAM has implemented several Value Engineering Proposals, on many of its projects, that have enabled the Project Owner to realize cost savings and allowed the project schedule to be accelerated at the same time.

It is the challenge of each and every project undertaken that propels the JAM Team to the next higher level of excellence. JAM's commitment to succeed and complete a project on time and on budget, with the Project Owner fully satisfied with all completed operations, is the paramount goal of every project undertaken.

View the completed projects, Highway/Bridge drop-down to view some of the JAM Teams more recently completed Highway and Bridge Projects. You can also visit Current Projects for info on any current Highway/Bridge Projects that are currently under construction.


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