Renewable Energy

J.A.McDonald, Inc. has extensive experience constructing Renewable Energy Projects. The scope of work has varied from rebuilding and refurbishing Hydro Electric sites, to installing infrastructure work for Industrial Wind Projects. The JAM Team has partnered with several project owners to make their projects more economically viable.

JAM has performed turn-key, Design/ Build, Hydro-Generation Projects; JAM has partnered with Owners of Industrial Wind Projects to review designs in an attempt to optimize the design and minimize the footprint of projects.

As you can see, J.A.McDonald, Inc. has diverse experience in various renewable energy projects. If you have a project that involves Hydro Generation or Wind Generation, and want to partner with a highly skilled and experienced Team, then you should contact JAM and see what we can do to make your project most successful.

For additional information on the below listed projects go to Completed Projects - Renewable Energy

Wind Projects Completed 

  • Kingdom Community Wind, Lowell Vermont - Civil Site-work for 21 Turbines, 63 MW
  • Georgia Mountain Community Wind, Georgia Vermont - Civil Site-work for 4 Turbines, 10 MW
  • Sheffield Wind, Sheffield Vermont - Substation Site-work, Bridges,

There have been three Industrial Wind Projects constructed in Vermont to date. J.A.McDonald, Inc has participated in all three projects. If you have an Industrial Wind Project, let the JAM, Inc. Team assist you in optimizing the design, accelerating the schedule, meeting or exceeding all environmental requirements while maintaining a safe and secure work site.

Hydro Projects Completed

  • Dam Improvements to Thermon Dix Resevoir, Barre, VT
  • GMP Essex 18 Site, Rebuild Intake Structure, Essex, VT
  • GMP Essex 19 Site, Install Inflatable Flashboard and New Fishway Passage, Essex, VT
  • GMP Marshfield Dam Site, Construct new Spillway Structure, Marshfield, VT
  • GMP Bolton Site, Install Inflatable Flashboard, Bolton, VT
  • CVPS Pierce Mills Site, Penstock Replacement and Intake Refurbishment, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • CVPS Penstock Replacement, Rurland, VT
  • USACE Townshend Lake Dam, Modify Outlet Structure, Townshend, VT
  • Glen Hydro, Rebuild Dam Structure, New Penstock, New Powerhouse, West Lebonon, NH
  • Ottauquechee Woolen Mill Project, Rebuild Intake Structure, Modify Tailrace, Add New Turbine, North Hartland, VT
  • Great Brook Hydro Project, Penstock Instalation, Barnet, VT
  • Newbury Hydro Project, Rebuild Intake and Modify Tailrace, Wells River, VT
  • Great Bay Hydro, Remove Old and Construct New Concrete Gravity Dam, Morgan, VT




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