J.A.McDonald, Inc. knows that Municipal Street Construction Projects, are complex projects, in which consideration has to be given to the factor of not being able to disrupt "business as usual". These type of projects are Main Streets in which high volume vehicular traffic, as well as considerable pedestrian/bicycle traffic must be maintained o­n a daily basis. Constant communication has to occur with all property owners and businesses to minimize any construction related impacts to their properties and or business. To undertake the complex project of tearing up existing streets, installing new piping infrastructure,installing new roadway base materials, installing new curbs and sidewalks, to finish paving, puts the contractor in a highly visible and dynamic position. All eyes are o­n day to day progress. The streets, lighting, curbs, and sidewalk disruption can be substantial. J.A. McDonald, Inc. has performed many of these projects and knows from experience that the job must have four factors: be o­n schedule, within budget, top quality craftsmanship, and most importantly, with minimum traffic and business disruption. Detailed Traffic Control Plans, that address both vehicle and pedestrian/bicycle traffic, have to be designed and implemented as the initial phase of any successful Municipal Street Project. JAM has the experience and expertise to develop and implement a detailed plan that will maximize traffic flow, minimize business disruption, and accelerate the contract schedule. J.A.McDonald, Inc. has successfully completed major Highway - Street Projects, that were designed as multi-year projects, in a single construction season, utilizing its expertise in designing and implementing a highly efficient and effective traffic control plan.

For additional information, please view J.A.McDonald, Inc.'s completed Street Projects under the Completed Projects section of Street Rehabilitation. Listed below is an example of some of the projects completed.

Street Projects Completed

  • Railroad Street Reconstruction, US Rte. 5, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • State Street Reconstruction, Montpelier, VT
  • VNCC Residential Infrastructure, South Burlington, VT
  • Main Street Reconstruction, US Rte. 2, Burlington, VT
  • Lower State Street Reconstruction, Montpelier, VT
  • Shelburne Road Reconstruction, US Rte. 7, South Burlington, VT


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